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  • When do you get an answer to your theory test?
    You will receive answers to your theory test immediately after the test.
  • How many theory modules do I have to go through?
    As per legal requirements, a minimum of 29 theory lessons, each lasting 45 minutes, is mandatory. These lessons are divided into 8 theory modules. If you feel the need for additional practice or wish to reinforce your understanding of the theory, you are always welcome to participate in extra theory modules. We prioritize providing thorough preparation and ensuring that you have a solid grasp of the theoretical aspects of driving
  • How does the online booking system work?
    With our system, you have full control over organizing your training course for obtaining a driver's license. It's a seamless and hassle-free process where you can easily book your driving times directly in the driving instructor's calendar. This convenient system empowers you to manage your schedule and ensure a smooth learning experience. Book your sessions here
  • Application for driving licence, where do I find it?
    The link to the driver's license application is: Log in with your NemID and fill in your details. Finally, you can download the application as a PDF. You need to bring it with you to the Manøvrebane (maneuvering area) on your first visit.
  • Can you have driving lessons and theory on the same day?
    Yes, you can have a driving time and a theory module on the same day.
  • What is a maneuvering area?
    A maneuvering area refers to a closed track where you become familiar with the car for the first time. Typically, there are three students assigned to the maneuvering area, and the course duration is approximately three hours. It provides an opportunity to practice basic driving skills in a controlled environment before venturing onto public roads.
  • Is it possible to order my driving test before my theory test?
    No, you must pass your theory exam before you can book a driving test.
  • What is the typical duration for obtaining a driver's license?
    The duration of obtaining a driver's license can vary from person to person, but on average, it takes around 3-4 months. However, with our convenient booking system, you have the flexibility to schedule your own sessions, potentially completing the process in as little as 4-6 weeks. This allows you to customize the timeline according to your availability and progress.
  • When can I go to the slippery track?
    To access the slippery track course, you can do so after completing theory module 8. However, it is important to obtain verbal approval from the driving instructor who taught you during driving lessons 7 or 8. This step ensures that you are adequately prepared and ready to participate in the slippery track course. The instructor's approval serves as confirmation of your readiness for this specific training.
  • When can/should I be approved at the citizen service center?
    For new students: Once you have obtained the first signature on your driver's license application for the maneuvering track, you can proceed to the citizen service center. Please make sure to bring the following documents with you: Driver's license application (P23) Medical certificate Passport photo Residence permit (if applicable, for non-Danish citizens) First aid certificate Please note that you need to receive approval before you can book a theory or practical test.
  • How long is my driver's license valid for?
    Your driver's license needs to be renewed every 15 years.
  • How long of a break am I allowed to take during my lessons?
    There are no longer any rules regarding the length of breaks you can take during your training.
  • Is it possible to take theory lessons on a computer?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer online theory lessons, as doing so would be in violation of the law. At Simply Driving, we strictly adhere to legal requirements, and all of our theory lessons are conducted in a traditional classroom setting. We prioritize providing comprehensive instruction and ensuring compliance with the law throughout the learning process.
  • What does it mean that my papers have been sent to the Medical Board?
    It means that there has been a note or remark in the medical certificate, and therefore it needs to be approved by the Medical Board. As a result, it may take a bit longer to get your papers approved.

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