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Installment payment

Get your driver's license with flexible payment options, where you have the opportunity to decide when you want to pay for part 2 and 3.

At Simply Driving, you can pay for the regulatory package in 3 installments.

The first part consists of

4 x Theory modules

Maneuver course (180 min)

1 x Driving lessons (2x45 min)

The second part consists of

2 x Theory modules

4 x Driving lessons (2x45 min)

Price: DKK 2,500.
Price: DKK 4,745.
The third part consists of

2 Theory modules

2 x Driving lessons (2x45 min)

1 x Night driving (45 min)

1 x Evaluation/rehearsal drive

(45 minutes)

Slippery track course (180 min)

Price: DKK 4,745.

Total price for the regulatory package with partial payment: DKK 11,490

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